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Ear on the ball

KICK automated control for close-ball mixing has debuted. When interfaced with modern image analysis and tracking systems, KICK’s patent-pending technology guarantees a consistent, fully-automated close-ball audio mix for sports, said Christian Struck, senior product manager for audio production.

KICK’s intuitive graphical user interface allows easy adjustment of all of its parameters, including the placement of microphones, their polar patterns and microphone prioritisation. “Close-ball mixing is very important, but very demanding when done manually,” he said.

Struck explained that the system ensures transparent sound pickup with an excellent ‘noise-to-kick’ ratio, significantly reducing crowd noise. It also ensures a consistent audio level without noticeable fades for seamless inclusion in a broadcast mix, and delivers a mix that is repeatable from match to match.

KICK is available as a software-only solution for productions using Lawo mc² mixing consoles, as well as a hardware bundled solution for productions using consoles from other manufacturers. It requires a standard host PC for the host application, and an HTML5 capable browser for the user interface. An optional Lawo mc² Micro Core hardware processing engine is available for interfacing micro core to third-party consoles via MADI and RAVENNA/AES67.

The sport theme went beyond the KICK product at the Lawo press event. Citing the fact that the R&D team had been very busy in recent months, Lawo officials covered ‘10 new product launches in 10 minutes,’ in a sprint.

Highlights here include the new sapphire compact radio console, the V__remote4 bidirectional video/audio-to-IP interface, and the Nova37 Hybrid RAVENNA/MADI plug and play audio router for applications in live performance, installed sound and houses of worship.

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