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Dynamically assessing CDN quality

Cloud PVR can now allow subscribers to launch multiple recordings on various channels simultaneously, without any constraint in terms of bandwidth or number of tuners on their reception device, according to Broadpeak.

The company said it supports all scenarios for Cloud PVR, including start-over, time-shift, and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, using a shared copy or private copy model. The recorded content can be processed on the fly to be viewed on any device type.

Also on show on the company’s stand is umbrellaCDN, which the company said allows content providers to choose the best content delivery networks for delivering video content.

Broadpeak is also highlighting CDN Diversity, which enables content providers to dynamically take into account the instantaneous quality of several CDNs as a service, combine their contributions and deliver the content at a quality level exceeding what would
be achievable with the best CDN alone.

In addition, the company is showcasing BroadCache Box, a local video caching solution for broadcasters and content aggregators that it claims dramatically reduces CDN costs while boosting subscribers’ QoE.

With BroadCache Box, local caches are deployed into telecom or cable operators’ networks, and the most popular content from a specific content provider is stored, reducing latency and network congestion.