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One of the highlights in the IBC Future Zone, BBC R&D’s Object Based Broadcasting Initiative, is the rich result of three years of development work. “OBB is a concept of delivering broadcast programmes as component parts. With those we provide additional metadata that describes the parts and how they can be put together,” said Chris Pike, BBC R&D senior scientist – audio (pictured).

“In doing that we are able to adapt things to adjust the experience for the audience, and that has to do with things like personal experience in the sense of taste and need,” he added. “It also allows for a more rich interactive experience.”

This kit without glue requires a rendering process on the audience side. The demos are on computers and tablets delivered through a web browser. The BBC team has more radio than TV examples at the moment because processing audio is simpler in a web browser currently.

“In the future we hope that broadcast systems and standards can support this kind of interactive object-based representation of content,” said Pike. “We have got some more advanced and sophisticated uses of this idea, one being responsive radio.”