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Dynamic approach to ad insertion

Yospace is demonstrating its dynamic ad insertion platform in the Content Everywhere area of IBC this week.

The system allows server-side ad replacement in live simulcast. Full one-to-one addressability is supported and has contributed to view-through rates of ad breaks surpassing 98 per cent across Yospace’s customer base – a figure Yospace claims is significantly higher than the average for traditional linear television.

Yospace added that it has proved, through a succession of major live events, that personalisation can be combined with reliability at scale to support audiences counted in millions, the most recent being Channel 4’s coverage of the 2016 Paralympic Games.

David Springall, CTO, Yospace, said: “In a world where online-only providers are posing a significant threat, broadcasters have a tremendous opportunity to place themselves ahead of the curve when it comes to monetising live simulcast.”