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DVI KVM extenders get face lift

Announced just before IBC are face-lifted versions of G&D’s DVI KVM extenders, DVI-Vision-CAT and DVI-Vision-Fiber.

The company said DVI interfaces are likely to be the standard for many applications for a long time, despite numerous new video formats – so G&D has completely overhauled its systems.

The basic functions of the extender series DVI-Vision-CAT and DVI-Vision-Fiber remain the same: depending on the existing infrastructure or the distance to be bridged, transmission is carried out using CAT cables or optical fibres (previously called FIBREVision), bridging distances up to 10,000 metres.

G&D claimed the full video resolution is provided without any latency across the entire transmission distance.

The new DVI-Vision extensions come with G&D’s premium monitoring system. The devices offer the possibility to use two network interfaces to communicate with the outside. This way, users are not only able to configure system parameters via the integrated web interface, but also read out the device status.

To operate and configure the plug and play devices more easily, they now offer an on-screen display in addition to the new web interface.