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DVEO: IP error corrector unveiled

A new Forward Error Correction (FEC) device that catches and corrects bit errors in internet transmissions is being debuted at IBC by the broadcast division of Computer Modules.

DVEO’s FEC Box IP IP has been devised to increase the reliability of UDP or RTP IP streams over lossy network transports, and alleviate jitter and packet loss introduced on Wi-Fi, satellite, microwave, cellular, internet and other networks sensitive to noise.
It uses include video over IP and streaming live IP camera views.

“The FEC Box IP IP alleviates dropped or scrambled bits, and it fixes dropped pixels and lines when transmitting video over noisy IP connections,” said Laszlo Zoltan, vice president of DVEO. “It enables our customers to stream video or data with reliable delivery. It can also provide SMPTE 2022 based FEC compatibility to devices that don’t support it.”

When using FEC, extra data, called checksum packets, is added to the outgoing video stream so that errors can be corrected at the receiving end. The Pro-MPEG Forum has adopted open standards for implementing FEC when transporting video over IP networks.

Generally purchased in pairs — one at the transmitting end and one at the receiving end — the FEC Box IP IP measures 114 x 86 x 28 mm and supports IP UDP unicast and multicast, in or out, and both HD and SD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 encoded streams.