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DTT localisation CMS unveiled

A new content management system that gives DTT broadcasters the chance to localise their output before it is delivered to viewers is being debuted at IBC.

AdsEdge from Enensys Technologies allows local content, such as adverts, news and weather forecasts, to be inserted at the final stage of transmission.

It is based on the use of SCTE 35 ad break markers and enables locally targeted content to be inserted at the edge of the content delivery process – at the transmitter site – within a DTT single frequency network environment. It is compatible with any terrestrial network, including those using DVB-T, DVB-T2 or ISDB-T.

AdsEdge works with Enensys’ HDc chassis platform.

The SCTE 35 signal triggers an ad break. It appears in the video bitstream and can contain data about the ads, the length of the break and other metadata. SCTE-104
is the equivalent in the broadcast realm.

Enensys is also showing OneBeam, for delivering
Direct to Home (DTH) TV and DVB-T2 distribution over one satellite feed.

OneBeam uses Enensys technology at both national and regional sites, providing a single feed with no modification of the A/V stream.

OneBeam is central to Enensys’ DTH network optimisation capabilities. In 2015 the company launched OneBeam ISDB-Tb which provides additional benefits to Latin American markets.

Enensys Technologies systems sit between encoding/multiplexing and transmission, aiding signal distribution over a wide variety of networks including IP.