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Drive the driverless car

After the home, the next bastion of connected lifestyle is the car.

There is already a battle between the operating systems of internet giants like Microsoft, Google and Samsung and the navigation and diagnostic systems of automotive manufacturer’s to own the data we are likely to churn on four wheels.

This information will come into its own as the driver takes a back seat and lets the vehicle do all of the work.

At IBC2015 visitors will get a special chance to experience the driverless car. Tata Elxsi will offer visitors the chance to sit in the rear seat of the vehicle, and experience a short drive within the premises of IBC.

Two Tata Elxsi engineers will be along for the ride to ensure everyone’s safety and you can see how the car’s pedestrian detection system functions.

Along with this drive, you will also be able to use a tablet as an infotainment device in the car, secure connection of your personal device via the car and witness a demonstration of live TV using the tablet as well as additional tablets in the rear seat.

According to Tata Elxsi, this feature will “eventually be of a very high value for passengers and also a new opportunity for the broadcast/media industry.”

All this will be demoed on a low cost car to demonstrate the effectiveness of these technologies for multiple price points in the automotive industry. In previous driverless car tests passengers have reported feeling a sense of awe and disbelief, even a spooky feeling.

Though passengers might have experienced fairly advanced infotainment systems in aircraft, the experience of a “moving living room” is unique.

The vehicle is much smaller, movement is much more perceptible, and the absence of a driver adds to the illusion of being in a home-like environment.

What will you make of it?