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Draco extender series expanded

The Draco extender series is growing. The Draco ultra DisplayPort Extender, developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, provides video quality at 4K/UHD resolution at 60Hz frame rate with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling.

A new version of this extender increases the colour depth from 24 bit video to 30 bit (10 bits per colour).Video can be transmitted over a single fibre optic cable at distances up to 10km. It also features redundant interconnection options for greater reliability.

The vario KVM series sees the introduction of the Draco vario USB 3.0 extender, which combines Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology with the Draco vario extender.

The extender was developed to enable lossless extension of USB 3.0 Super-Speed devices, including high-speed memory cards and cameras, over distances up to hundreds of metres over a single multi-mode fibre optic cable.

The Draco vario KVM extender series also has a new USB 2.0 module, which the company said enabled signal extension of up to four USB 2.0 devices within the KVM data stream at high speed, without additional cables.