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Doli mixture streamlines media

The media workflows being demonstrated at IBC by PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) include one designed for Eastern Europe’s largest audio post-production specialists, Doli Media Studio.

The project saw PBT EU’s Executor Sync Master, along with LAPIS and SubtitleNext at Doli Media installed to power the creative sound production workflow across newly refurbished and upgraded facilities.

The company claims this shows how PBT EU’s bespoke solutions work effectively and cost-efficiently in a complex environment.

Visitors to the stand are seeing what PBT EU claims are the considerable benefits that these agile solutions deliver, including additional layers of security, transparency and automation across studio networks that are required to adapt continuously to rapid growth and change.

Vladimir Stanic, general manager, PBT EU, said: “We help organisations and industry professionals streamline the multifaceted challenges they face, using a single product or TK solution. Our primary focus at PBT EU is future-proof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment and dedicated support.