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Disk Archive Corporation: Expansion boost for content storage

The new EX-60 Storage Expansion for the ALTO Archive and Content Library is being demonstrated for the first time at IBC2014, alongside a new monitoring system.

DAC said the EX-60 meets a growing demand for larger capacity and more densely packed media storage. ALTO is a Cold Storage solution that can accommodate up to 300 TB of storage in each 4RU module, with a low power dissipation of around 1 watt per Terabyte. ALTO users can populate the EX-60 with locally sourced off-the-shelf disks on a buy-as-you-go basis with any mix of disk size and vendor in any slot. The company said such flexibility makes ALTO competitive and future-proofed for large-scale storage of infrequently accessed material in content libraries or archives.

Also released and developed in conjunction with technology partners ASTEC IT Solutions, the iBroadcast monitoring system has the capability to monitor and manage large scale disk-based storage systems down to individual disk drive level.

With hundreds or thousands of disks in a typical ALTO archive or content Library, DAC said iBroadcast has the power to provide visibility and exception reporting at the most granular level.

“Demand for storage is growing exponentially, driven by new high resolution formats, multiple versioning, the greater number of origination sources, higher shooting ratios, and the desire to keep more of the original pre-edit content,” said DAC managing director Alan Hoggarth. “DAC is changing the storage landscape by offering the enormous benefits of a completely tapeless solution for archive and content library storage.