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Dimetis: BOSS is enhanced

Since IBC2013, a major enhancement to BOSS LINK Manager for both carriers and broadcasters has been announced by Dimetis.

The Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager is an OSS platform that the company says dynamically configures, schedules, monitors and controls video/audio/data connections across transmission networks of all types. True service orchestration is now enabled by Elastic Cloud, according to Dimetis, giving customers the capability of managing extremely large networks.

The new enhancement is designed to solve the problem of operators trying to manage large networks effectively. For example, BOSS LINK Manager can have multiple fault management instances throughout a network, giving it the ability to easily manage large regional networks with a high number of elements and enormous bandwidth use, as is the case with IPTV and DVB networks. It can also provision services as the network grows without any scaling or performance limitations.