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Dim Sum TV invests in Amagi Cloudport

Hong Kong broadcaster Dim Sum TV is using Amagi’s Cloudport cloud-based channel playout platform to deliver its Cantonese satellite TV entertainment channel to audiences in Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Dim Sum TV chose Cloudport to replace its traditional managed playout solution owing to the enhanced scalability, reliability, security and flexibility that the platform offers. Using Cloudport, Dim Sum TV supports its entire playout workflow, from content ingest and preparation, to storage and archival, to playlist management and scheduling, to graphics insertion, cloud playout, and delivery — all in an automated, secure fashion.

“After deploying Amagi’s Cloudport solution, we went from having a cumbersome, unsophisticated playout workflow to a smooth, technically advanced operation that’s much easier to control and scale,” said Yau Keung Chan, Technical Director at Dim Sum. “Even better, feature-rich, advanced graphics-rendering has greatly improved the quality of experience for our viewers.”

Cloudport is hosted on a secure, globally accessible Amazon AWS platform. As part of the transition to Cloudport, Dim Sum TV moved all its content to the Amagi cloud, including playlists and schedules. Through a single Web-UI, Dim Sum is able to manage its content assets, add dynamic graphics, create and edit playlists, and configure feeds from any global location.

Dim Sum TV’s first deployment was for delivery to the APSTAR teleport in Hong Kong, where Cloudport edge playout server was installed. The content was pushed to the edge server from the cloud, and the played out content was uplinked to a satellite for delivery and distribution to audiences in Hong Kong. Based on the success of the teleport deployment, Dim Sum TV is now using Cloudport to deliver content directly to an operator headend in Southeast Asia, from where it is distributed to viewers.

“Amagi is significantly changing the way the industry approaches playout operations, which is bringing new value to both broadcasters and viewers,” said K.A. Srinivasan, Co-founder of Amagi. “We are able to infuse new technologies and solutions into the broadcast workflow and offer custom solutions to customers such as Dim Sum TV, who benefit from a combination of teleport and direct delivery to operator headends.”