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The ‘Digital Next’ Step

Expanding its cloud-based services to address what it has dubbed ‘Digital Next’, Prime Focus is taking on challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry to meet the demands of the digital consumer. This includes a focus on building a connected enterprise and digital ecosystem, OTT capabilities, digital servicing, distribution and 4K.

This is the focus of its IBC stand, which includes demonstrations of its Clear Media ERP Suite, enterprise software for virtualising the content supply chain, and Clear Operations Cloud, for multi-platform distribution.

PFT said the latter offered infrastructure powered by transcoders like Elemental, Rhozet, AmberFin & Digital Rapids. Content enterprises have the ability to choose the one that suits them and use PFT’s custom workflow orchestration to package
and deliver.

Clear Operations Cloud also provides 4K support, including a 4K up-conversion module, using the Lowry image processing libraries. This is supported by GPU cloud computing infrastructure.

Addressing the complexities of distribution, with outlets including A-VoD, S-VoD and T-VoD, PFT also offers the Clear Distribution Cloud, which connects rights and sales order systems, helping to process and service orders while offering governance around rights regime.

Ramki Sankaranarayanan, PFT’s founder and CEO, said, “The consumer behaviour change is increasing faster than ever before, making the entire content value chain and its players transform themselves digitally.

“Volume, discovery, platforms, devices, 4K, direct to consumer, engagement, speed, new monetisation and everything digital is a new normal,” continued Sankaranarayanan. “Media and entertainment enterprises cannot live in the analogue or choose to selectively be digital in this new era. There is a need to become hyper digital to face ‘Digital Next’ realities.”