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Delivering UHD with HDR

Claiming to offer a complete UHD solution from quad-link 3G to 12G-SDI to IP, Evertz is highlighting products and features that it says help broadcasters to deliver UHD with HDR.

For production, the Evertz DreamCatcher, a platform for UHD IP-based replay, is being used to demonstrate new features and capabilities which allow for UHD (with HDR and HFR) to be used in the production environment. Both the Evertz Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) and the new 12G-SDI products enable distribution of uncompressed UHD over both IP (using SMPTE RDD 37) and SDI.

Evertz has also introduced new 12G-SDI routers, 12G-SDI IP gateways, and conversion and processing products. For UHD integrated channel playout with HDR, Evertz is demonstrating OvertureRT LIVE-UHD (OVRT-LIVE-UHD) which it claimed offers complete channel playout with support for live inputs and advanced channel branding on new UHD channels. The new 3482TXE-HEVC provides high density HEVC encoding for the distribution of UHD with HDR signals to the end user.