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Dejero: Live+ updates Core for cloud

Dejero is demonstrating version 3.0 of its Live+ Core Software, which powers its mobile transmission systems, with multiple new features. It has also launched a Mac version of its Live+ NewsBook software.

The update to the Core Software includes: enhanced modem connection information showing carrier transmission mode and signal strength; a wider range of options for configuring and managing how live video feeds are sent to Live+ servers; monitoring of available bandwidth with automatic adjustment to the optimal transport resolution to provide the best possible video quality for the current network conditions while keeping output resolution constant; and tools for users in the field to import edited video clips via Ethernet or Wi-Fi into the transmitter for transfer to a server.

Live+ Core Software 3.0 also includes enhancements to the Dejero Live+ Portal cloud-based transmission management tool to enable configuration of different distribution routes for videos and files.

Also updated is its Live+ NewsBook software, which now enables Mac and PC users to transmit live HD video feeds or recorded and edited files, making it suitable for foreign correspondents or solo video journalists that need to travel and transmit with as little gear as possible. It bonds multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections to enable the transmission of high-quality, high-reliability, and low-latency video.