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dB Broadcast: Mains distribution product showcased

An upgraded version of dB Broadcast’s intelligent mains distribution unit is being showcased. The latest Cardinal iMDU is now capable of handling inrush currents that could rise to 200A at switch on and 60A per individually switched output. Both dual input and single input versions of the Cardinal iMDU now benefit from this improved design.
Modern high efficiency switch mode PSUs can exhibit very high inrush currents even though their steady state load may be just a few amps. dB Broadcast recognised that equipment manufacturers are increasingly making use of switch mode power supplies and that customers need inrush current protection in their equipment rack mains distribution design. It has responded by incorporating an inrush limiting circuit that restricts the current at switch on to 40A and by fitting high inrush rated relays for the 12 individually switched mains outputs.
In addition to the new inrush current capabilities, the Cardinal iMDU provides intelligence for mains distribution with features such as an intuitive web-based user interface to remotely configure and control outputs, SNMP traps and email messaging that can send alerts when faults occur, including loss of supply power. The units have an error log to record events and an optional external temperature and humidity sensor to monitor environmental conditions in the equipment rack.
“The upgraded specification of the Cardinal iMDU range means it can now cope with a greater range of modern broadcast equipment. It is a great choice for system managers wanting to make sure their installations are ready for the demands made by current and future equipment,” said Tom Swan, sales and marketing director at dB Broadcast.