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Datavideo Technologies: An unparalleled attention to detail

Datavideo is a leading developer of professional broadcast, video and AV equipment. From a complete outside broadcast van fit out to a single tripod mounted signal converter, Datavideo’s solutions are high-quality, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Our tools and systems are in use across the world to create and deliver stunning productions. We develop technology that works in the real world. Our philosophy is to prioritise ergonomics, reliability and performance. Datavideo’s focus is on stable systems that can be depended on when you’re live on air. Our systems are designed for use, with an unparalleled attention to details such as heat dissipation, the quality of housing, speed of set up and the ergonomics of each system.

Most of our product introductions are scheduled around IBC, since we see a greater variety of customers compared to other shows. We receive valuable feedback on our newest products during the show.

Because of the customer variety, we even see customers from the most remote places. It’s very good to meet them and hear the stories of how our products are used.

One of the stories we’re hearing is that there is a rising demand for online lecturing. Online lecturing turns out to be the solution for people living in remote locations. Even for the lecturer. Instead of a whole school building, lecturers only need approximately 10 square meters, some lights, a green wall, a camera and a virtual studio set. Distribution of these lectures can be through the internet, or on DVD’s in locations without reliable internet infrastructure.

The TVS-1000 is the first in a series of virtual studio systems. This virtual studio is a turnkey solution for the entry level market, like recording and streaming lectures. We believe that there is a wide market for easy to operate and affordable virtual studio systems for, for instance, online lectures. Datavideo can fill that gap by supplying full workflow solutions including acclaimed products like cameras, switchers and recorders.