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Data gathering assures quality

The next generation of the Agama solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics of service quality and customer experience is being launched at IBC2015.

According to Agama, many processes at a TV operator can be made more efficient and predictable when empowered with data to support better informed decisions.

The company has thus developed a new generation of its solution with what it describes as a clear vision to make the valuable information derived available for a much wider use within an operator organisation.

By evolving into a support system for wider use in service operations, Agama says its solution will enable operators to work in a data-driven way across departments and workflows, for cost-efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction.

It is designed to not only handle massive amounts of data, but also large numbers of simultaneous users, tailored applications in many different domains as well as openness towards neighbouring systems.

As one example of supporting wider usage of data, Agama is also releasing a new media measurement package.

Package reporting provides the operator with insights into how and when services are consumed and also enables integration with external analytics solutions.

With complete and objective data on service usage, Agama says that operators can improve customer understanding and optimise channel line-ups and content acquisition.