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Dalet: Tachyon in frame for adaptive temporal transform toolbox

A combined suite of advanced software technologies for high-performance temporal conversion has been launched at IBC2014.

The GPU-accelerated motion-compensated frame rate conversion tool, Tachyon from Cinnafilm, is being implemented in Dalet’s AmberFin Advanced Adaptive Temporal Transform Toolbox (AT)3.

The company says the combination of frame rate conversion, scaling and de-interlacing functionality creates an automated, reliable industrial transcoding platform for domestic, international and internet delivery.

Launched earlier this year, (AT)3 already features AmberFin Advanced Cadence Correction (ACC), a fast, CPU-based technology for correcting mixed or broken cadence material.

“Transcodes are central to all file-based processes in the creation of domestic, web and international versions,” said Dalet AmberFin product manager Matthieu Fasani. “Different temporal transforms are required for each version type. For example, filmic material that has been mastered at 30i requires ACC technology to transform it for optimum domestic and web delivery. Whereas international versioning, for example taking European content at 25i and converting it to 29i for US broadcast, requires high-quality motion-compensated conversion. (AT)3 provides the set of tools that allows media facilities to choose the tool that is best suited for a particular piece of media and conversion.”

As well as delivering fast, high-quality, motion-compensated frame rate conversion, Dalet said the combination of technologies also yields a four-times reduction in the amount of hardware broadcasters need to purchase, install and maintain, and includes a fully featured transcoding and format conversion toolset.