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Dalet: New stars in Galaxy lineup

Enterprise-level MAM platform Galaxy has been boosted with a clutch of new modules, including tools that can manage and navigate complex visual data models to simplify complex workflows.

They achieve this by relating essence files and programme components, such as audio and language tracks, subtitles, and other associated assets, in the context of the destination distribution platform. By grouping and organising these components together, these new tools enable more efficient and transparent workflows for approval, versioning and distribution.

A second-generation of the application programming interface, the SOA-compliant API2, provides a set of high-level services, ranging from asset, media, metadata and search, to more advanced services such as notifications, configuration and access rights. API2 also comes bundled with an intelligent dashboard for monitoring API usage per service.

A new enhanced reporting feature fully exploits the KPIs and rich metadata captured by Dalet in the production process to inform operational and business decisions. The new reporting tool introduces a layer of visibility, making it easier to measure how systems are behaving.

New for sports production customers, Dalet is adding native deep integration with Opta feeds, enabling rich metadata to be incorporated into content related to sporting events. News Wire, the scripting and newsroom computer system of Dalet Galaxy, is enhanced by improved integration with social media feeds, the iOS/Android app Dalet On-the-Go for rundown preview and optimised content upload, and WebSpace, a new scripting and rundown tool.

There’s a number of enhancements to the Xtend module for Galaxy, which brings MAM capabilities to editors working with Adobe Premiere Pro and facilitates the exchange of metadata between the two systems. Among these is proxy editing, allowing users to work on native high-res files or choose proxy media for optimised project management. Finished files are reconnected to the high-res media for rendering and output.