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Dailies managed by Silverstack Lab

Managing and backing up the huge amounts of data generated every day on a digital film production, on location, and creating dailies, can now be
done in one single piece of software using Pomfort’s new Silverstack Lab.

Starting with the moment data is offloaded, Silverstack Lab automatically organises and structures all movie data, as well as ingested look data and audio files in one central library, allowing clips to easily be prepared for final transcoding.

Looks can be automatically matched, and audio can be automatically synced via timecode to the corresponding clips.

The clips can then be transcoded simultaneously to various resolutions and to all required output formats, such as Avid DNxHD, ProRes and H.264.

By merging data management and dailies creation into one integrated activity, a seamless workflow with fewer interfaces, a reduced overall complexity and a lower risk of costly errors is enabled.