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D-Tap advanced charges ahead

There are eight new battery products being launched by IDX at IBC. Probably the most significant are the IPL-98 and IPL-150 Powerlink batteries. When they are stacked on a camera, power is drawn from the rear battery rather than all simultaneously and it can be exchanged when discharged allowing shooting to take place uninterrupted. Digital data is supported and a budget IDX battery, like the Cue-D150, can be stacked on the back of an IPL.

Up to eight IPLs can be stack charged on the VL-2000S two-channel charger, avoiding the need to get up during the night to swap empty for charged batteries. A lightweight low-cost charging option is also possible through the D-Tap advanced socket.

The IPLs also have USB and D-Tap and a built in V-Torch, for working in the dark.

The Duo-C98 and Duo-C198 are upgrades to the existing 95 and 190 models, with increased capacity plus digital data to accurately show when a battery will need changing. Also added are a V-Torch and D-Tap advanced connector.

Also new are the 48Whr SBU-50 (Sony BPU form factor battery) and 96Whr SBU-98. Each has DC plugs to power accessories. The SBU-98 has three outputs: D-Tap; D-Tap advanced;
and USB (giving 5V at up to 2.3 amps). The SB-U50 has two outputs: D-Tap advanced and USB.

The new 48Whr SL-F50 (Sony L-series type battery) and 72Whr SL-F70 both have 7.4V X-Tap and 5V USB ports.