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Customised control on tap

A new range of control panels – Array – is being shown as a finished product fresh from manufacture. Hi Tech claimed Array brings together hardware control panels and software to deliver the most flexible and user customisable control system in the broadcast industry. Not limited to ‘traditional’ remote control (one panel per machine or software application), Array can be built to suit the exact workflow of a particular operator involving multiple devices.

This new system has a number of control surfaces mounted on a selection of base modules that can be mixed and matched to suit the requirements of a specific workflow. This includes a touchscreen, a surface with programmable OLED keys, and a module with programmable RGB keys. Base units include a full Intel PC, a power and connection base and a satellite base.

The idea is that up to five panels can be mechanically joined and connected by a databus, and a work surface can thus be built from the available control surfaces requiring only one power and connection point.

Hi Tech’s Avita production control software can be installed in Array as can interfaces to a large range of third party software applications. The roll out of Array will include an associated comprehensive software based control system for the ultimate integration of third party equipment into one familiar set of user interfaces.