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Custom build an OLED EVF

There can be a lot of features in a fully loaded add-on electronic viewfinder, but if you only need a few of them, the customisable Gratical X Micro-OLED EVF from Zacuto may be a more cost-effective option. It uses the same bright 5.4-million pixel (1280×1024) micro-OLED display, high quality optics with built-in diopter, and FPGA dual core processor as Zacuto’s flagship Gratical HD, but users can select just those features they need from a software menu.

The Gratical X, which recently started shipping, costs little over half the price of the HD and comes with HDMI and SDI inputs, eight programmable function buttons, display calibration, and test pattern (colour bars and Macbeth), but users can buy additional features, such as: pixel-to-pixel zoom; false colour; full scopes; audio meters; LUTs; zebras; frame store; HDMI and SDI outputs and cross conversion.

Steve Weiss, product designer for Zacuto, explained, “If you are a shooter that only uses a couple of features like a focusing tool, exposure tool and a couple of others, then the Gratical X is the way to go. But, if you start purchasing more than five features, then the Gratical HD is totally your best value.”