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CueScript: Prompter displays arrive on Cue

Prompter startup CueScript is showing two ranges of monitors aimed at high-end and no-frills buyers. Built from a blank canvas, its CSM line of LED High Brightness HD-SDI Prompter Monitors is claimed to offer “all of the features that are necessary for modern broadcast productions, resulting in a major leap forward in prompting technology and displays.”

There are three models: the 15-inch CSM15, 17-inch CSM17 and 19-inch CSM19. Each boasts low energy consumption and a low power start up, two of broadcaster’s top requirements. Their three-mode adjustable power input includes low (26W), medium (30W) and high (38W) (dropping to 17W, 19W or 24W for the CSM15).

The models also feature: a built-in mounting system (including integrated On-Air Talent Monitor mounting rails – CueScript also offers the 19-inch CSTM19 Prompter Talent Monitor); low profile design; and an increased viewing angle (170×16 – or 160×140 for the CSM15) for easier screen readability.

Built-in LED cue lights come as standard (something that is often an option in this product category), and feature LED adjustable brightness and 180º viewing.

CueScript is also launching its Education, Media and Corporate (EMC) line of prompter displays, which are aimed at productions that don’t need the high level features of the CSM range. The EMC15-inch and EMC17-inch displays will be offered with lightweight mounting options for all fluid heads.