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Croatel picks parallel process for UHD

Doing parallel productions in HD SDR and UHD HDR can be problematic, but delivers the best result, according to Croatian OB company, Croatel, which has spent a lot of time perfecting the process in its first UHD truck, on show in the outside exhibit area.

“For the shaders/vision engineers it is very difficult to work like that,” said Edi Kristic, its head of UHD production. “If you work only UHD you have no problem, but delivering two signals is a problem.”

Even though they haven’t broadcast in UHD yet, Croatel’s MD, Tonko Barac, believes the time spent getting everything right “was very useful for us to learn about UHD HDR.

It is now very easy for us to start with a production.”

They hope to start UHD broadcasts later this year, mainly working with telecom operators. “We think that the future of UHD HDR production will be OTT applications, because the OTT approach allows us to approach the end users in the easiest way – compared to the expense of a satellite feed – and offers the possibility of a stream of up to 30Mbps to the consumer,” said Barac.