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Designing creative videowalls with Black Box

Black Box is expanding its signage videowall offering to include the VideoPlex 4000, said to give users the flexibility to create uniquely shaped videowalls with four or more screens. With VideoPlex 4000 any display can be freely positioned and the input can be cropped or rotated 90-270 degrees. The videowall controller supports up to 4K input, making it an option for UHD digital signage. The VideoPlex Designer software enables users to select monitors, inputs and devices with drag and drop functionality. The software’s ‘Virtual Canvas’ displays a representation of the monitors selected and their orientation, offering a view of the completed wall design.

VideoPlex 4000 enhancements include support for 4K at 60Hz; dual HDMI 1.4 and single DisplayPort 1.2 inputs; the ability to daisy chain units to create an almost unlimited multi-monitor canvas; and HDCP support.

VideoPlex 4000 bezel corrects and gives users the ability to rotate, crop, scale and mirror images. Ethernet compatibility enables signage to be controlled and configured via a network.

Stand Number: 8.B59