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Creating a TV-like experience for radio audiences

The Visual Radio system is being showcased by Enco at IBC2016.

This fully integrated platform uses the power of the company’s DAD radio automation and Presenter management interface to deliver a multimedia experience to web and mobile audiences.

The product gives broadcasters a comprehensive content acquisition and production system for the scheduling and delivery of synchronised video and audio, with targeted advertising support, said Enco.

The company claimed broadcasters could cleanly deliver and monetise radio programming online, broadening reach as audiences change how they perceive and consume broadcast radio.

Enco said Visual Radio’s operational flexibility is especially important for radio broadcasters familiarising themselves with video production workflows.

The system delivers music videos, programme audio and interstitials (targeted ads, promos). Enco said its Presenter interface eliminates the need to learn new software and manage multiple content libraries. Instead, customers use a live-assist application to suit each operator’s preferred balance of manual and automated control.