Coveloz and Abekas acquired

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Ross Video has announced two acquisitions here at IBC. On Thursday evening the company stated it has purchased both Coveloz Technologies, a company offering design services and firmware solutions for time-sensitive networking and processing of audio, video and control signals, as well as Abekas, a provider of video servers and replay systems.

Coveloz will continue to operate as a standalone business, including its work with Intel-owned Altera, while Abekas will be integrated into Ross’ production products portfolio, plugging the company’s replay systems gap.

Jeff Moore, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Ross Video, told The Daily: “Covelos will enable us to accelerate Ross’ IP roadmap, as well as making its services available to those that need them, including our competitors.

And Abekas’ Mira Replay product plugs a gaping hole in the Ross portfolio, with a replay system.”