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Coping with huge turmoil

Mark Harrison, managing director of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), gave his response to what IBC has thrown up as: “Well, it is a strange time when you have professional content makers actually needing to learn from what amateur content makers are doing, in order to ensure they are keeping up with consumer command.

“That is kind of what is going on now,” he added. “What I think is peculiar and exciting, and quite scary about where we are now, is that consumers are calling the shots, and their behaviour is determining the direction the media is going.”

Historically, we all liked to talk about audiences as if we knew there was something we can produce to satisfy them – we could think very hard and try to do our best for them. “That has been flipped on its head now, and it is all about looking at the behaviours of consumers and saying what about the needs of the producers!

What are producers going to have to do in order to ensure that they are delivering the right kind of content and the right quality of content into those consumer behaviours,” said Harrison.

“It is going to be a period of huge turmoil, and while we have been talking about disruption that has taken place, we are only just learning about the immense disruption that is about to happen to the supply chain.” That is going to be profound, and the companies that do best will be the ones that are able, deep in their DNA, to actually enjoy change. “That’s not easy,” Harrison added.

“We could also see some very interesting relationships forming between content creators and some of the platforms. It is very logical to see direct relationships there.”