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Converter has designs on four channels

Work Microwave’s fixed-frequency block converters are designed to allow operators to support up to four channels in XL outdoor housing or within an indoor 19-inch housing, minimising operational expenses and saving space.

The converter’s four-channel design gives satellite operators access to the full capacity of the Ka-band, spanning 27GHz to 31GHz, claimed the company. The frequency converter series is aimed at operators looking to expand their satellite capacity into next-generation spectrums like Ka-band to support high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services, offering support for all satellite spectrums, from S to K/DBS, for maximum flexibility.

Also being demonstrated is Work Microwave’s Redundancy Switch RSCC-8 system, which features a compact 8:1 design that can be used for L-Band upconverters, downconverters, and modulators. The system can be controlled by satellite operators from the front panel of the controller box or remotely via RS-232, RS-422/485, or IP over Ethernet.

When in automatic mode, an automatic switchover to a set of standby units is performed upon detection of an alarm generated by
the active units.

Operators can also choose to initiate a manual switchover to the standby
units, if needed.