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Convergence makes broadcasters vulnerable to cyber attack

Cyber security has been a hot subject at IBC. In announcing a supplier security checklist, a beginner’s guide and a longer user guide, DPP MD Mark Harrison said: “Collectively I cannot think of a more important subject than
cyber security.”

Members had told the DPP that their slow take up of the internet and connected services had been due to security worries. The next speaker, Michael McEwen, director general of the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) said: “Cyber security was a blip on the horizon five years ago, but that suddenly changed when Sony was hacked.

Today it is one of our top strategic issues in the US because we will never protect ourselves fully from attacks.”

DPP chair and ITV director of broadcast operations, Helen Stevens added: “Broadcasters are attractive targets. For them it is becoming a really big issue simply because of convergence. They cannot protect one thing and ring-fence it.”

The DPP is looking to a set of principles to start with. With a document listing a set of cyber requirements, it plans to work closely with the EBU and the IABM. “We will include those principles in technology refresh cycles with suppliers from January 2017,” said Stevens.