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Consistent smart productions with DashBoard

The theme of smart production, which the company said required a comprehensive platform that can configure, manage and control all the systems used in various types of productions across the network regardless of vendor, is highly visible at the Ross stand.
Greg Quirk, marketing product manager for DashBoard and Legislative Market, Ross Video, said: “What is needed is a single interface for configuration instead of a separate control system for each component.

Our DashBoard solution configures and controls other Ross products and over 120 openGear partner devices, plus protocols for other third-party devices can be programmed in as well.”

With DashBoard, components become integrated together so they all interact as needed. One button push on a panel is able to make 10 different things happen synchronously or with offset, instead of having to push a variety of different buttons on different devices.

DashBoard enables faster, easier and more reproducible control that provides more consistent productions, claimed Ross.

DashBoard extends the utility of the components of the devices it controls to better meet user requirements, instead of having to accept a system with limitations of what is really desired, added Quirk.