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Connect, convert, scale, sync, split – repeat

Atomos had a reasonable success with its handful of Connect converters a few years ago, until the chipset was discontinued, but was never seen as a serious player. However, having developed extensive conversion technology for its recorder/monitor products, it has decided to give broadcasters and systems integrators what they want: the full range.

It is now launching a colourful new family of 15 units, which are software controllable (using a subset of its AtomOS operating system) over USB, as well as via dip switch control. Some of the models can also overlay timecode, waveforms and up to eight channels of audio.

The range includes connectors (from analogue to digital and interlace to progressive), converters (SDI, HDMI and fibre), scalers (4K, HD, SD), sync (genlock and timecode), SDI splitters (which can be used for multiviewers), and SDI repeaters.

They will ship soon after IBC. “We’ve been working on them for a year and a half, but didn’t want to release them piecemeal,” said Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young. “We think this is a great chance to get a foothold in this market.”

The boxes come with removable mounting ears, lockable HDMI and DC power ports, and dual AC/USB power, and cost from €95 to €398.