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Complementary community showcased

The origami Ecosystem – which connects audiovisual distributors, IP-core developers, hardware providers and tool vendors – was launched by Image Matters at NAB last year, and has a new booth at IBC2017. The ecosystem now has
21 members.

Jean-François Nivart, CEO, Image Matters, said: “We believe modularity is the key to future-proof designs. Based on FPGA modules and with the help of origami Ecosystem partners, new product creation has never been faster and easier, leading to an incredibly fast time to market.”

The booth features around six demonstrations, including the IM-B21 from Image Matters, the IM-C21 set-top box made in collaboration with NGCodec, and the e4 appliance from LDA Technologies.

IM-C21 is described as an advanced set-top box platform integrating an IM-B20 module connected by origami. Designed in partnership with NGCodec, the IM-C21 is said to provide a fast and affordable route to market. Connectivity includes 12G-SDI, HDMI video input and output, Ethernet and USB.

The e4 from LDA Technologies, paired with the IM-B21 carrier and IM-B20 module, is a 1U-sized unit featuring 48 SFP+ ports on the front panel for 10G Ethernet and 12G-SDI interfaces.