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Compact high-speed 4K camera

The first showing of the FT-ONE-S compact 4K high-speed camera, an updated version of the HVS-2000 vision mixer and a new multi-channel studio server are among the For-A highlights at IBC.

The FT-ONE-S is the newest version of the company’s 4K variable frame rate camera.

Shooting up to 360fps, it is smaller and lighter than the FT-ONE and features a removable camera head to allow for different shooting positions and angles.

As the camera links operators both optically and via an intercom system, users can shoot in the field with up to 1km distance between the unit and base station.

Also at IBC, the HVS-2000 vision mixer is being introduced with a three-row control panel for the first time.

The HVS-2000 has up to 48 inputs and 23 outputs, 12 DVEs, 12 keyers and four multi-viewers, and can be used for SD, HD, 3G and 4K productions. It is considered to be well suited to a variety of scenarios including OB trucks and studios.

Other vision mixers on display include the HVS-390HS 1-2.5 M/E unit, as well as the HVS-100 and HVS-110 portable vision mixers.

Making its IBC debut is Insight, a multi-channel video server that supports a range of wrappers and codecs. Designed for studio and OBs, it supports up to four SD or HD channels and can be configured as a single 4K channel.

Insight has a full web interface that allows control of the server from any device. A flexible event processor allows operators to connect to multiple devices and interact with other studio equipment for file sharing, event synchronisation and streaming.

For-A, 2.A51