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Compact 4K and HD capture

By Mark Hallinger

The new CIS 4K compact broadcast camera range and the VCC-HD2 and HD cameras with integrated zoom lenses are being debuted.

The new 4K compact broadcast camera range from ClearView Imaging (CIS) incorporates a high-quality 4K global shutter CMOS sensor and the CIS Clairvu ISP engine, which brings together advanced colour correction, 3D noise reduction and a host of other sophisticated ISP algorithms, including shading and lens distortion correction, gamma correction, high dynamic range, auto exposure and auto white balancing features.

The CIS VCC-HD2 camera, which follows on from the highly successful VCC-HD1 range, uses the latest Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensors. The technology within the Pregius sensor produces stunning HD images, with high dynamic range and low noise. When combined with the CIS Clairvu ISP engine, the VCC-HD2 becomes a high quality compact broadcast camera.

The CIS VCC-HD10ZM and VCC-HD30ZM are also on show. These cameras offer HD resolution along with integrated x18 and x30 zoom lenses, CIS Clairvu ISP, and 3G-SDI interface, all within a highly compact enclosure, said the company.