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Comms make the connection

The Mux22 was originally conceived by BroaMan as a series of application-engineered devices offering multiple signal support in a compact 1RU chassis. This combines 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, transporting video, along with audio and data, on a single duplex fibre. At IBC2017 BroaMan has added to the series with a Mux22 BNC Intercom version.

The new board allows the connection of up to eight intercom panels or matrix ports using coax cable in AES3id standard (a 75-ohm BNC electrical variant of AES3).

The coax connectors can, of course, also be used to interface with any AES3id device. There are eight bi-directional AES BNC ports, each of which can handle 2-in and 2-out.

Audio routing is possible between AES ports and any other audio interfaces provided by Optocore or BroaMan (such as analogue, Cat5 or copper AES and fibre or coax MADI).