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Commentary’s third generation

More than 30 years of experience supporting large international sporting events can be seen in the presentation of AEQ’s ‘third generation’ Olympia 3 commentary unit, according
to the company.

The device is used to generate and send the unilateral audio signals (commentary) from an event venue to a radio or television broadcaster.

It can operate in three different ways: as a standalone unit (audio mixer), simply connected to a control PC; as a part of an AoIP intercom system operating on a multichannel audio network while at the same time being an intercom panel (the unit is Dante native and AES67 compatible); or as part of a large scale commentary system.

Each unit features three GigE ports. One of them allows for PoE supply while the other two allow for daisy chain connection and have auxiliary output for video and data transport.

It can also operate as a standalone audio mixer that may be configured as mono or stereo, with routing, tone adjustments and dynamics control.

The Olympia 3 allows for the connection of up to three microphones (one of these can be set to work as the order microphone when operating as an intercom panel whenever required) and two line inputs.

The design is a splash-proof construction and allows for outdoor operation under direct sunlight. It can also be configured with reduced brightness for operation in darker and indoor areas.