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Collaboration and connectivity for news teams

Octopus Newsroom 8, designed to improve the way teams across different departments collaborate and share stories, sources and data has been launched. The software also has new features for connecting news teams with social media and online news channels.

Information and media sharing is now supported without the need to duplicate information. The company reported that every topic and each element within a story is centralised and available across editorial teams, with transparency between TV, radio and social media departments. Managers can assign entire stories, or individual sections within a piece, to particular users across the organisation. Where features have multiple parts or sources, users can filter within that topic.

Gabriel Janko, sales director, Octopus, said that Octopus 8 developers have also streamlined the workflows to be accessible from a single screen. “The new dashboard brings together every assignment, notification and update,” added Janko.

The new version directly interconnects with CMS systems, for uploading scripts and articles to web portals. This new web component allows TV news editors themselves to upload pages directly.

New features in Octopus also allow administrators to assign users to create content for social media. The company said Tweets and Facebook posts are treated like any other news story, with team managers able to assign and share tasks, and approve messages before they go live. The software also helps journalists follow Twitter trends and track topics across the social network in real time; an automated research process gives teams information and analyses trends.

Octopus is also introducing a new Octopus App to enable news production on tablets and iPads. News teams working remotely will have access to wires, rundowns and assignments. They can also edit stories within a rundown, preview prompter text as well as create wires and reports in the field.