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Codex/Panasonic: Up to speed for 4K recording

Codex is developing a recorder for Panasonic’s new VariCam 35 4K camera. It has also added support in its Vault workflow system for the Red Epic Dragon and Phantom Flex4k cameras.

It is working with Panasonic to deliver the only compact, high-speed 4K or Ultra HD 12-bit uncompressed Raw recorder for the VariCam 35. The dedicated recorder (shown on Panasonic’s stand) will capture uncompressed 4K VariCam Raw at up to 120 frames per second, and will work with Arri LDS or Cooke /i technology for lens data capture. Rapid transfer of digital camera originals for post production and archiving is then possible using Codex Vault.

The V-Raw recorder connects to the back of the VariCam 35, eliminating cabling completely, for improved efficiency and greater mobility while shooting. It should ship later in the year, alongside the camera.

Codex is also is working with Vision Research to provide a robust workflow for the Phantom Flex4k camera, which will use its Vault modular mobile workflow to rapidly transfer the digital camera originals from the Flex4k for review, post production and archiving, with playback of 4K material to a 4K monitor for review, quality control and basic colour grading. GPU-based processing facilitates fast, high-quality transcoding to H.264, Apple ProRes 4444, Avid DNxHD 444 and uncompressed RGB formats.

Codex also has a new workflow for Red Epic Dragon cameras, including support for Red Rocket-X hardware processing, for efficient 4K workflows – clone, playback, QC, deliverables and archive. It has worked with Red to provide native Codex debayering for Dragon Raw footage.

Codex and FilmLight are showing the results of their technology collaboration that links Codex Vault to the Baselight grading system, allowing grading decisions, made on-set with the Baselight FLIP realtime image processor, to be viewed and rendered into dailies deliverables on Vault.