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CN-E70-200mm compact cine-servo lens

The new CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S for Super 35 cameras is a 4K/Ultra HD capable lens that joins the CN-E18-80mm launched last year and completes Canon’s compact cine-servo lens line-up.

It is a parfocal lens with three modes of image stabilisation, plus fast Dual Pixel CMOS auto focus, offering accurate focus via a single button push. Continuous AF allows for a subject to be tracked with no loss of focus. It has a 9-blade iris for rounded, smooth bokeh.

The 1.25kg EF-mount lens is compact and lightweight enough to be used on drones, while the optional Canon ZSG-C10 zoom grip, makes it particularly suitable for
hand-held use.

Attached to the body of the lens with a 20-pin cable, the ZSG-C10 allows for smooth remote activation of the zoom servo and one-shot AF. It can be operated while mounted on the lens barrel for comfortable shoulder-mounted shooting, or removed from the lens and operated by hand.