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Cloud in the driver’s seat

While still in its infancy, the cloud is an opportunity for forward-thinking broadcasters to pave the way to the future of broadcasting. That’s the message from Tata Communications which already has a high-profile case study in its bag, having transmitted 4K live from the Singapore GP last year for Formula One.

“It’s now possible to construct a temporary MPLS [Multiprotocol Label Switching] circuit and 14km of fibre optic cable – the equivalent of a whole city’s infrastructure – at each new F1 race location in just a few days,” said Richard Craig-McFeely, business development director, media services.

F1 broadcaster Chello DMC worked with Tata to deliver six live video feeds from 19 F1 races on Dutch channel Sport1 last season, viewable on multiple devices.

“While there are naturally some security concerns around protecting highly valuable content from competitors, it’s important to keep security in perspective. Storing content in a data centre is far more secure than sending off a tape for review via a courier,” he said.

Cloud-based software allows media companies to scale capacity as required and the pay-as-you-go nature of cloud services makes it possible to make significant cost savings.

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