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Cloud-based scripting service launched

A cloud-based scripting service for TV and movie content that creates scripts that can be repurposed efficiently, ultimately accelerating the localisation process, has been launched by Zoo Digital.

The service is powered by ZOOscripts, the company’s cloud-based scripting software. Zoo said it had developed the platform to address the challenges faced by content owners and distributors with the traditional localisation process. This includes the pressures caused by shrinking release windows for the launch of new movies and TV shows.

According to Zoo, a significant part of the post-production process is the creation of scripts containing the spoken dialogue of a TV programme or movie. ZOOscripts is claimed to enable these materials to be created efficiently with all the necessary metadata flowing seamlessly into the localisation process.

Gordon Doran, president, Zoo, said: “ZOOscripts is another example of how we’re responding to the challenges content owners and distributors face by using our cloud-powered technology to make the localisation process as efficient as possible.

We’re constantly developing new approaches like this to help them distribute their TV and movie content on any platform.”