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Click Effects for live stadium presentations

At the ChyronHego exhibit, the spotlight is on workflows for news and sports production, channel branding and tickers, as well as weather production.

That includes the Click Effects product family for live AV entertainment production, which ChyronHego added to its portfolio following the acquisition of developer Sound & Video Creations.

Click Effects products are developed for live sports and broadcast presentation environments, with capabilities ranging from video playback and replay to data delivery, graphics generation, and audio content delivery.

The company said it is showing how broadcast workflows can be created when Click Effects products are combined with ChyronHego’s additional tools.

Also on display, for live sports broadcasting, is a 4K production workflow based on ChyronHego’s Paint telestration and analysis system, Virtual Placement products, and broadcast graphics tool LyricX.

In addition, ChyronHego is introducing Live Arena for sports arena productions at IBC. Running on standard hardware, this all-software system integrates Live Compositor, Lyric and Hybrid.