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Clearleap: Simplifying multiscreen video delivery

Multiscreen video logistics provider Clearleap will be showing its multiscreen platform for broadcast and pay-TV.

Clearleap’s solution aims to simplify the logistics relating to the service management, workflow and delivery of massive video libraries of high-value content for any screen. This enables its customers to expand from linear delivery models to TV everywhere multiscreen delivery.

The platform is made up of two components. The first is a processing and asset management platform called ClearFlow that handles the preparation, protection and quality preservation of high-value video for multiple platforms. The second is a flexible framework called ClearPlay, within which customers can grow and adapt monetisation efforts and expand to additional devices.

As content owners and pay-TV providers seek new ways to monetise core video products by streaming premium TV programmes and movies over the internet to consumer devices, many companies are transitioning from early online digital short-form video distribution experiments to the streaming of premium TV across screens.

Clearleap’s solution aims to address the technical and business needs linked to the delivery of linear or live TV, transactional or subscription-based VoD and of ad-supported video.