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Civolution: Improved ACR for second screen view

Improved Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) for second screen interactivity and the latest advances in content protection are the focus for Civolution at IBC.

For ACR, there is a demo of the company’s third generation Syncnow technology which now features faster detection time, enhanced robustness for in-shop interaction or live concerts and a reduction in CPU consumption.

A convergence technology called SNAP that enables the same watermark to be used for both second screen synchronisation and audience measurement is also on show.

At the same time Civolution is exhibiting enhancements to its NexGuard forensic watermarking technology. These include NexGuard for Pay TV, where an imperceptible identifier can be added to all video content, revealing the source of piracy when content is re-streamed, transcoded or uploaded to unauthorised media sharing services.

NexGuard for Pre-Release is also being showcased. This enables a content owner to track leaked content back to the source through the embedding of an invisible and unique serial number.

“The second screen has become an integral part of the TV viewing experience and more content than ever is shared over IP, driving a new era in content consumption,” said Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra. “Over the past 12 months we’ve been working hard to expand the capabilities of SyncNow and NexGuard to help create an ecosystem that is more interactive and secure.”

Civolution has also added support for 4K ProRes and realtime watermarking of IMF/JPEG2000 video, as well as cloud-based watermarking for eScreener videos.