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cineXtools expanded

Cinedeck is offering three new tools in its cineXtools platform for multi-codec, file-based insert editing – cineXcloud, cineXjobs
and cineXapi.

CineXtools is an application that allows for easy insert editing in deliverables on Windows and OSX. Where show deliverable files are stored, managed and archived, cineXtools can make changes and create alternate versions without additional rendering, QCing, uploading and downloading.

The new cineXcloud feature adds functionality to cineXtools by enabling virtualisation and unlocking wider data centre deployments of the cineX insert edit technology.

CineXjobs is a workflow engine for the creation of pre-defined watch folder-based processes. CineXapi provides unrestricted API access to the full complement of cineXtools functions.

Fixing an hour show that needs a 10-second title correction might entail changing the timeline, exporting a new master file and running it through QC. If the file is stored remotely, another upload session is required. CineXtools allows users to export only the 10-second fix, insert it into the master and QC only those 10 seconds. CineXcloud allows uploading of only the patch to make changes directly to assets stored remotely.

CineXjobs and cineXapi allow easy changes to local and cloud-stored or archived assets. A simple insert/replace job is created with cineXjobs, pointed at the media assets and the assets are processed.Integrating cineXapi turns a MAM system into a file management environment by providing direct access to the full complement of cineXtools functions.