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Cinemascope zooms designed for digital

Two new 1.5x anamorphic Cinemascope (2.35:1) zoom lenses designed for use with digital cameras with 16:9 Super 35 or larger sensors have been introduced by P+S Technik. The first lens, the 35-70mm CS zoom, is already available, while the 70-200mm version is coming soon.

Both T3.5 Cinemascope zooms have a 1.5x squeeze factor and are based on a front anamorphic lens design. This generates a pleasing oval bokeh that isn’t as vertically stretched as it would be with a 2x squeeze. They are designed to be characterful lenses with some lens flare, as they have glass elements without anti-reflective coating, but should exhibit no focus breathing.

Both are available with PL mounts as standard, or P+S’s own IMS Interchange Mount System for use with several other mounts.

P+S Technik claimed that the 1.5x anamorphic is the natural and logical format for digital cinematography sensor sizes, as ‘the 1.5 squeeze factor offers a strong Cinemascope look, but avoids the downsides of a 2.0 squeeze factor’ that was designed for 4:3 film formats.

When using the zooms on a 1.5:1 full frame (36x24mm) sensor, the focal length of 35mm is effectively a wide-angle lens, which produces an image corresponding to a 22mm lens on a Super 35 size sensor.